Stuart Youngs rapport viser, at vindenergi er en håbløs dyr og ustabil produktionsform, som i mere end en tredjedel af tiden leverer mindre end 10 % af kapaciteten. Og det i vindblæste Skotland. Det er vist mere McArine end McGregor.

Helen McDade, head of policy at the John Muir Trust: “This report is a real eye opener for anyone who’s been wondering just how much power Scotland is getting from the fleet of wind turbines that have taken over many of our most beautiful mountains and hillsides. The answer appears to be not enough, and much less than is routinely claimed.”

Stuart Young: “It was a surprise to find out just how disappointingly wind turbines perform in a supposedly wind-ridden country like Scotland. Based on the data, for one third of the time wind output is less than 10% of capacity, compared to the 30% that is commonly claimed.”

Læs Report Questions Wind Power’s Ability to Deliver Electricity When Most Needed på John Muir Trust.

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