Som afdelingsleder på DHI blev jeg i forbindelse med vores lancering af Vandudsigten i 2008 interviewet af ESA (European Space Agency).

Let’s clarify it. What exactly is the Water Forecasting System doing?

I like to compare it to something more familiar to everybody: weather forecasting.
Most recent advances in hydraulic modelling, combined with meteorological forecasts, make it possible to provide twice-daily forecasts of hydrodynamics, advection/dispersion and numerous biological and chemical variables in 3 dimensions (waves, water levels, current directions and velocities as well as temperature, salinity, oxygen and chlorophyll). Currently, we produce a 5-days forecast.

Up to three years ago, input data were more sparse and irregular, derived from monitoring stations and boat field trips together, of course, with meteorological data forcing the system. We felt the need for a more spatially and temporally regular source and envisaged the potential of EO data. Finally, the collaboration with EOMD offered the opportunity we were looking for. Now, the system is ingesting data from several sensors aboard Envisat and other satellites, and this resulted in much improved performance.

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