Jeg vil gerne anbefale dette glimrende nyhedsbrev fra Callander McDowell.

I denne uge bringer det et gæsteindlæg fra Talk Salmon som gør grin med al den grove misinformation, der er på nettet om akvakulturen. Se f.eks. Kaninen Katrine på Facebook,

Aftryk af forskellige animalske produktioner

Her hedder det blandt andet om landbaserede anlæg:

“Land-Based Farming: Everyone knows this is bonkers on a small island with hardly enough energy supply to keep the lights on but who cares? Great tactic to keep pushing ‘land-based containment’ because sometimes it’s hard to admit you want the whole lot gone and everybody fired, this topic softens things up a bit and makes it looks like you have thought about things for 5 minutes. If the farmer mentions energy use or fish welfare or eventual waste disposal when talking about land-based containment, just quickly swap (see #4 ‘The Swap’) to ‘rape of forage fish from West Africa’ or ‘seal shooting’ (more later)”

Eller om ejerskab:

“Ownership: Remember, in all of this, to be fairly light on the actual hard working fish farm worker (the Corporate Victim) who has failed to catch this (aforementioned) individual fish in favour of keeping the other 50k undisturbed, and alive. You’re going for the owners, remember this. And they’re probably foreign. Just because they’re listed on the stock exchange and actually owned by people from all over the place, and maybe even their own local employees. Keep it simple – and invader-like. Don’t forget to mention that they are probably farming fish here because they aren’t allowed to in their own country. Some people believe this.”

Vi skal ikke finde os mediernes konstante grove misinformation om akvakulturen. Må jeg opfordre alle venner af akvakulturen til konstant at klage til de ansvarlige journalister & medier, og gerne anmelde de falske oplysninger til Facebook




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  1. Knud Larsen says:

    Se Rérat, A. & S.J. Kaushik (1995): Nutrition, animal production and the environment. – Water Science and Technology 31:10, pp. 1-19:

    Tabel over protein- og energiomsætning i forskelige husdyr.

    (Lakse)fisks udbytte er uovertruffent.

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